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From David Fisher <dfis...@jmlafferty.com>
Subject Re: Bookmark in Word?
Date Tue, 08 Sep 2009 14:58:50 GMT
>> Only one problem trouble this migration, and the solution will be  
>> that the bookmark of word be implemented for the last release of  
>> POI 3.5 I understand that including it, is difficult but can i have  
>> some hope and wait for it or stop the migration now ?
> I'd suggest that if it's a really important feature for you, you  
> grab the microsoft file format specification for word, and start  
> coding! Patches to poi are always gratefully received :)

I'll re-iterate what Nick said. I'll add the following.

(1) Start yesterday. POI 3.5 FINAL is fast approaching.
(2) Join the dev list.
(3) Ask questions about what is needed in a patch like proper ASF  
headers, unit tests and sample documents.
(4) The more that you do the more likely the patch will be accepted in  
time to make POI 3.5-FINAL

For what it is worth this is my impression without diving into the  
code is that the key is understanding the record structure required  
and that key in that is maintaining offsets into the RichText runs.  
Maintaining all the various records with offsets is tricky. Probably  
the trouble with bookmarks involves another part HWPF changing the  
richtext without changing the bookmark. Admittedly this is a guess.

You might ask if your company requires a FINAL or will accept a FINAL  
patched by you to support bookmarks. This would be a good fallback  
strategy in case you run into trouble creating this patch.


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