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From Dave Fisher <d...@jmlafferty.com>
Subject Re: HWPF - table borders and document colors
Date Thu, 11 Jun 2009 17:39:15 GMT
Hi Max,

> It is a bit frustrating that the code is in some places as poor as  
> it is,
> outside of the refactoring you mentioned seeing all these unused  
> variables,
> and this is a pattern that repeats makes the code scarier and hard  
> to follow.
> All of which is unfortunate since it mostly works and that Ryan dude  
> certainly
> put a bunch of work in to get it to that stage but I think when he  
> left the
> project he took some important stuff that resided only his head with  
> him.

Very much since it was Microsoft that hired him to keep it out of POI  
- but who can blame the guy for taking a paying job.

Since this time there is the Microsoft OSP and you can certainly find  
documentation at


I hope this helps.

> For what it's worth when I am done I am going to make a free open- 
> source
> project of my library because I think it would be useful (creating  
> PDFs from
> Word without any automation seems a good thing at least to me). And  
> I think I
> am going to work on some of this HWPF stuff as I can as well.

That would be great. Be careful about the different licenses. See http://apache.org/legal/resolved.html

  for ASF policy on cross licensing. iText is MPL and compatible with  
ASF projects only in binary form. Take care in creating your source.

There is FOP in XML Graphics which creates PDF - it may not be as fast  
as iText, nor as fully featured. Have you had a look at it?

BTW - Yegor and I came to the POI project in part because we needed to  
make PPTs that looked like out PDFs and postscript. Finally we are  
getting them nearly identical, but we needed HSLF first. We might want  
to do similar output to Word - we just lack the time - it is not near  
the top of the stack.


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