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From Rob Y <ryampol...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: HSSFCellStyle - global styles vs individual cell styles
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2008 15:28:35 GMT
> After getting up early to watch the qualifying for the next Grand Prix,
I had a few hours to think about the application you are working on and to
throw together a bit of code.Am I correct in assuming that you are reading
in data from a CSV file and using that to populate an Excel spreadsheet?
If so then you may not have any problems with cell styles at all.Typically,
in such an application, you will know in advance just how many different
sorts of cell you will be dealing with and, therefore, how many different
cell styles you need to create. Usually, the problem becomes identifying
the different data types and populating the spreadsheet accordingly.

Yeah, I suppose I could do that.  But my point was that *something's* gonna
have to maintain a list of all the styles I need.  I just thought it would
be neater, since the workbook already maintains a list of all the styles
it's been presented with, if I could use the workbook's list instead of
maintaining my own list.

That technique would be more general-purpose.  Also, it would save me from
having to run a 2-pass process.  My spreadheet is *mostly* populated from
csv data, but there will be other stuff too.

> Take a look at the Java file I have attached to this e-mail. It processes
the CSV file that I have also attached and populates a spreadsheet with the

I don't see an attachment here.  Did you send me a personal email?  If so,
I didn't get it.

I'm pretty familiar with regular expression syntax (years of 'vi' use'll
do that), I just don't know the Java regex library, but I guess I'll need
to learn that eventually...

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