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From Andy Chien <hsiangan.ch...@utoronto.ca>
Subject Re: EventUserModel - Getting the Formula String from FormulaRecord and Setting Formula
Date Wed, 14 May 2008 13:42:32 GMT
I think I found out what is going on, the following is just a suspicion 
but I have not had enough time to trace through the source code.

POI is having trouble parsing inter-sheet references because the 
Workbook Object is not supplied.

Original -----
FormulaParser.toFormulaString(Workbook book, java.util.List lptgs)

On Example -----
FormulaParser.toFormulaString(null, frec.getParsedExpression())

Therefore the syntax like the above (in the example suggested by Nick 
earlier) does not work while parsing inter-sheet references.

It seems that workbook is a lower level data structure container in 
HSSFworkbook. Even though a method in usermodel 
HSSFWorkbook.getWorkbook() gets it it is not easily accessible by the 
eventusermodel because you would have to fall back to usermodel (which 
gobbles up memory on large excel file and defeats the purpose of 

If anybody can shed some light, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Andy Chien

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