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From Anthony Andrews <pythonadd...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Breaking up workbook in byte chunks
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2007 08:18:33 GMT
Are you saying that you want to read one large workbook and separate it into a series of smaller
workbooks such that each of these smaller workbooks is a 'valid' file from Excel's point of
view - i.e. that each smaller file can be opened successfully using Excel?

If the answer is yes then it may be worthwhile your looking to use POI's alternative architecture
- perhaps using the eventmodel API to scavenge data from the large file and then pass this
to another class that will create and save away a 'smaller' .xls file. Take advantage of Java's
multi-threading capabilities and this may solve the problem.

If the answer to the original question was 'no' then what is to prevent you from using a file
archive tool such as PKZip or WINRar to 'chop' the large file into smaller chunks? Java itself
includes classes to read and write zip files and this process would divorce you from needing
to use an additional API to parse the Excel files. I do not know if zip files can be stored
into a database as a binary large object but I would guess that it is possible. You would
need somhow to keep track of all of the chunks that would be required to re-create the original
file and simply use the zip tool to re-assemble them into a large .xls file that could then
be streamed to the user.

victorbelo <victorbelo@hotmail.com> wrote: 
I'm using POI in a reporting application, which several users can produce
large workbooks (30 columns with 2 worksheet each with up to 60,000 rows).
I'm currently chopping the output significantly due to memory limitations. 
I need to use POI (or JExcel) to produce chunks of a workbook at a time
(let's say 5MB at a time) in order to limit memory usage and avoid
OutOfMemory errors. These chunks would be saved to the database into
multiple blobs, and later streamed back piece by piece when the workbook is
downloaded. My first thought was to use the getBytes method from the
workbook class, save to a blob when > 5MB, then create a new workbook, and
repeat the process. I'm not sure if all pieces streamed together would still
able to produce a workbook.

I checked several options in the API, but I was not able to find any other
solutions. Anyone has ever implemented something similar? Any good ideas to
accomplish this with POI?
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