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From "Nick Jones" <nick.t.jo...@gmail.com>
Subject HSLF: wrong text in TextBoxes
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2007 06:33:41 GMT
Hi all,

I'm having a problem extracting text and geometry info from a
powerpoint file.  Sometimes, I find that while slide->getTextRuns
returns the correct text, slide->getShapes->getTextRun returns the
wrong text: it seems to replace the text of an earlier run with that
of the last run.

Jython code below.  Demo attached.


> slideshow
> slide = slideshow.getSlides()[0]
> slide
> for run in slide.getTextRuns():
>    print run.getText()
First run
Second run
> for shape in slide.getShapes():
>    print shape.getAnchor(), shape.getTextRun().getText()
java.awt.Rectangle[x=54,y=105,width=624,height=122] Second run
java.awt.Rectangle[x=48,y=270,width=624,height=36] Second run

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