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From "Eric Gravel" <Eric.Gra...@intervalintl.com>
Subject RE: Having problems with using named cell in formula
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2007 14:26:34 GMT
Hi Anthony,

The formula I'm writing is referencing a cell on another sheet of the
same workbook.  If I write 'Shared Metrics'!C1 then it works but if in I
a name to that cell, in my template before running the app, and call it
MyVariable then the following doesn't seem to work:

'Shared Metrics'!MyVariable

Is there no way of using named cells?  This would make the programming
aasier should the named cell change position from C1 to D1 for example.

Eric A. Gravel
Senior Java Programmer/Analyst 
Internet Development, Application Services, I.T.

Interval International
6262 Sunset Drive, PH-1
Miami, FL, 33143
Office: (305) 666-1861 x7315
Fax:    (305) 668-3409
Email:  eric.gravel@intervalintl.com


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From: Anthony Andrews [mailto:pythonaddict@yahoo.com] 
Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2007 6:30 AM
To: POI Users List
Subject: Re: Having problems with using named cell in formula

I could be wrong, but that formula does not look absolutely correct to
my eyes. If I want to reference a cell on a sheet within another
workbook, I would enter a formula  something like;


where Book1 is the name of the workbook, Sheet1 that of the sheet and B1
the reference to the cell whose contents I want to access. So, you could

=[UIRpgJava]Shared Metrics!C1

assuming of course that C1 is the cell you wish to reference of course.
IF all of the sheets are contained within a single workbook, then you do
not need the reference to the workbook and the formula could simply

=Shared Metrics!C1

You may need to fiddle around a bit with enclosing quotation marks as
the name of the sheet contains a space but I am not even sure that you
will need to do that.

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