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From Christian Bongiorno <cbongio...@electrosoft-inc.com>
Subject trying to use POI with a DOT file
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 21:12:07 GMT
Hey all, I am new to this list and I was hoping for some insight on how 
to use POI to solve a problem I have.

I am currently tasked with updating some code that outputs MSHTML that 
word interprets as a doc. The guy who wrote the code actually hardcoded 
hundreds of lines of MSHTML/XML in java, and inserted the fields he 
needed. Sample:

 "<h1>1<span style='font:7.0pt \"Times New 
                "</span>INTRODUCTION</h1>\n" +
                "\n" +
                "<p class=MsoNormal>This\n" +
                "assessment report has been generated upon completion of 
an automated\n" +
                "certification and accreditation of the &lt;<i 
style='mso-bidi-font-style:normal'>PCI<span\n" +
                "style='color:black'> Facility</span></i><span 
style='color:black'>&gt;. It\n" +
                "describes the processes used by the facility to 
register and issue PIV Cards to\n" +
                "approved personnel in the PIV system. 
<o:p></o:p></span></p>\n" +
                "\n" +
                "<br><p class=MsoNormal><span\n" +
                "style='color:black'>This </span>assessment<span 
style='color:black'> was conducted\n" +
                "based on requirements of FIPS 201, <i style='mso

As you can see. This is hack. So, I am desperately trying to improve it 
now that I have been tasked with updating it.

ideally what I would like is to have a Template .DOT file and Identify 
fields in it that I can then update programatically and save out. I can 
do anything I like with the DOT that makes this easier but I simply know 
nothing of the MS document format spec to accomplish this.

Ideas anyone?

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