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From "Andrew J. Miller" <ajmil...@fstrf.org>
Subject WARN. Unread -1 bytes of record 0x7d
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2007 18:01:25 GMT
This is more of a request/suggestion than a bug report... 

The same files that caused the "Worksheet/WORKSHEET" issue a month or 
two ago (excel files generated by Crystal Reports) also have a bad habit 
or triggering this println on line 98 of 
org.apache.poi.hssf.record.RecordInputStream.java (a hundred or so times 
for the file I am using)...  Simply opening the file in excel and 
re-saving it prevents the issue from returning.  The same can be said 
for files that are modified by POI and saved, the warning goes away...  
AFAIK, nothing happens outside of one or multiple warnings being printed 
to the console.  The file is still processed and nothing breaks...

Outside of the obvious explanation (like "it prints because the booleans 
are true"), does anyone know why this warning is being thrown?  What 
does it mean and what can a casual POI user like myself do with a file 
that has a negative amount of unread bytes after the 125th record?  Can 
it be changed to use a logger allowing control of what is printed to a 

I should probably mention that I am using POI 3.0 alpha3 and not the 2.5 
release so this just may be a "feature" of the alpha release...

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