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From "A. Rick Anderson" <a_r...@earthlink.net>
Subject Can't append a new cell to existing row
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2006 04:06:01 GMT
I am trying to update an existing Excel file.  But the updates are not 
being saved.

When I append a new cell on the end of an existing row, and then save 
the workbook to a new file, the new file is identical to the old file.

The cell gets created.  I can see it in the debugger.  I can get it to 
print a value.  But when I write out the workbook out to a file, the new 
cell disappears.

I've been following the how-to guide on the site, and I traced down the 
HSSF.java code and reviewed the "main" method in there.  It looks like I 
am following the same code pattern.  According to the HSSF code, it 
doesn't look like I need to remove anything, if I am just adding new 
objects, such as an append.

This is how I'm writing out the file:

POIFSFileSystem fs = readExcelFile(file);
FileOutputStream os = new FileOutputStream(file + "new.xls");

Here is the append code:

private void appendRateColumn(HSSFRow row) {
  int rowNumber = row.getRowNum();
  HSSFCell rateCell = row.createCell(RateColumn,
  HSSFCell cellOfHoursWorked = row.getCell(SumOfQuantityColumn);
  HSSFCell cellOfAmount = row.getCell(SumOfAmountColumn);
  double hoursWorked = cellOfHoursWorked.getNumericCellValue();
  double amount = cellOfAmount.getNumericCellValue();
  System.out.println("CELL [" + getCellStringValue(rateCell) + "]");
} // method appendRateColumn(HSSFRow

A. Rick Anderson

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