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From Yegor Kozlov <ye...@dinom.ru>
Subject Re: Numbering formats of lines of text in PPT files
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2006 16:19:46 GMT

Recently we added RuchTextRun.getIndentLevel() which returns the
indentation level of a line.

In your example it should return 0 for "first line", "second line", "third line"
and 1 for sub-lines:

1. first line  //indent=0
        a.      first sub-line      //indent=1
        b.      second sub-line     //indent=1
2.      second line //indent=0
3.      third line  //indent=0

Regards, Yegor

EE> Hi Nick, I'm having the following problem:

EE> After extracting several lines of text from a TextBox, if the lines were
EE> numbered, with also sub-numbered, I can't tell which line is which.

EE> Example:

EE> 1. first line
EE>         a.      first sub-line
EE>         b.      second sub-line
EE> 2.      second line
EE> 3.      third line

EE> will come out looking like this:

EE> *       first line
EE> *       first sub-line
EE> *       second sub-line
EE> *       second line
EE> *       third line

EE> All of these lines appear in the same TextRun instance, I got by
EE> invoking the getTextRun() method of TextBox class. I can't tell from
EE> each line's attribute (color, font, size, etc.) which line is a sub-line
EE> of which.

EE> Is there a solution to this I'm over looking?

EE> Thanks

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