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From Yegor Kozlov <ye...@dinom.ru>
Subject Re: Unsupported features
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 12:55:04 GMT

TP> 1. I'm trying to retrieve an image from the _pictures PictureData array.
TP> The problem I'm experiencing is in the case that the picture is a slide 
TP> background because there isn't a Picture model object to get the 
TP> corresponding image index in the array.

TP> 2. Another problem in the background issue is to get background colors.
TP> Every background has its color scheme or follows the master scheme, but 
TP> when I change the background of a single slide, I can't get that color 
TP> (that doesn't follows the master background).

Background shapes are not yet supported.

Slide.getShapes() returns 'normal' shapes, for background there will
be code something like this:

Shape background = slide.getBackground();
if (background instanceof Picture) {
  //using Picture
} else {
  //fill color
  Color color = background.getFillColor();

If I have time I will add this feature soon.

TP> 3. I've already asked here about numbered lists, is there any flag that 
TP> indicates if the list is numbered or bulleted? Some "para_unknown" field?

It should be "para_unknown" or similar. We don't know for sure.
Decoding such styling information is a tedious task. If I did it I would create a bulleted
convert it to a numbered list and examine style records for differences.

TP> 4. When there is a table in a ppt file and I resize it by the border
TP> lines, the anchor isn't updated. But when I change any column or row 
TP> size, the anchor is updated, and I have the correct table size and 
TP> position (anchor).
Do you mean if you programmatically resize a group of shapes (Table)
the anchor isn't updated? Could you provide a sample code?

Regards, Yegor

TP> Thanks in advance,

TP> Tales Paiva

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