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From Yegor Kozlov <ye...@dinom.ru>
Subject Re[2]: [HSLF] Indentation level identification
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 15:02:33 GMT

In StyleTextPropAtom.setParentTextSize when we read paragraph
properties we ignore the 2-byte value before the paragraph

    // Fetch the 2 byte value that is safe to ignore as 0
    short paraIgn = LittleEndian.getShort(rawContents,pos);
    pos += 2;

In fact it stores the indentation level.
What is bad, that this value is re-setted to 0 when a slide show is saved and
the indentation information is lost. Try to re-save a ppt with indents
and see that they are lost!

I'm not sure I can quickly fix it, have a busy time last days :).
If you can  - do please.

Regards, Yegor

YK> Hi,

TPN>>  Is there any other way to identify the indentation level for a given
TPN>> RichTextRun?

YK> Unfortunately you can't retrieve the indentation level for a
YK> RichTextRun. It's not supported by the current code.

YK> Indentation level is stored as a 2-byte paragraph property in the
YK> style record. Initially we thought that this value is 'safe to
YK> ignore', it was always 0 in out test ppt files. In fact it stores the
YK> indentation level and can be a number in the range 0-4 (there can be
YK> up to 5 indent levels in PowerPoint).

YK> I'm not sure if it is an easy fix and I'd like to hear Nick's opinion.

YK> Regards, Yegor

TPN>> Hi,

TPN>>  I need to identify the indentation level of a text in a TextBox. For this
TPN>> I created a method in the RichTextRun class as follows:

TPN>>         public int getTextOffset(){
TPN>>                 return getParaTextPropVal("text.offset");
TPN>>         }

TPN>>  Assuming that the property name that holds this information is
TPN>> "text.offset",  is it?

TPN>>  When I call it from my main class, it returns -1. I know this is because
TPN>> the RichTextRun inherits the property from the Master.

TPN>> Thanks a lot,
TPN>> Tales Paiva

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