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From Nick Burch <n...@torchbox.com>
Subject Re: _getRawParagraphStyle(), _getRawCharacterStyle()
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2006 11:53:16 GMT
On Wed, 12 Jul 2006, Erez Eisenstein wrote:
> RichTextRun class has _getRawParagraphStyle() and
> _getRawCharacterStyle() methods, that I am using to extract a LinkedList
> of TextProp instances.

For each text styling applied to the characters, or their paragraph, there 
will be an entry in the appropriate linked list.

So, if you had a block of text that was bold, and increased line spacing, 
then your paragraph styles would have one text prop (line spacing, value 
of the line spacing), and your character styles would have one text prop 
(char flags, which would have the bold flag set)

> How do I use the TextProp instance to make out the bullets and numbering 
> of several lines of text? Where can I find documentation that explains 
> what these properties mean?

Just print out the names of all TextProps you have, and see what they are. 
I'm not sure which (if any) might be used for numbering and bullets, but I 
suspect they'll be there if anywhere

For documentation, have a look at the StyleTextPropAtom section of
That contains pretty much all we know about how it all works. A list of 
all the TextProps (we know of!) can be found in StyleTextPropAtom.java


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