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From "Carmen Pancerella" <car...@ca.sandia.gov>
Subject Need to read symbol font ...
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 15:38:29 GMT

I'm using POI to read an Excel spreadsheet and convert to a specific
XML format.  I am find some special mathematical symbols and make
sure they're readable in XML.  I'm using the event API, similar
to the example on the POI web site.  Here's the code that I use to
recognize the Angstrom symbol: 

  case LabelSSTRecord.sid:
       LabelSSTRecord lrec = (LabelSSTRecord) record;
       UnicodeString uniStr= sstrec.getString(lrec.getSSTIndex());
       String XMLString = replaceSpecialCharactersForXML(uniStr.getString());

In replaceSpecialCharactersForXML, I replace the special characters
such as "&", "<", etc. for XML.  I also replace the unicode characters
as such: 
    private String replaceSpecialCharactersForXML(String str)
      String returnString = str;
      // Special characters in XML
      returnString = returnString.replaceAll("&", "&amp;");
      returnString = returnString.replaceAll("'", "&apos;");
      returnString = returnString.replaceAll("\"", "&quot;");
      returnString = returnString.replaceAll("<", "&lt;");
      returnString = returnString.replaceAll(">", "&gt;");

      // Angstrom
      returnString = returnString.replaceAll("\u00C5", "&#x00C5;");
      // Greek delta  THIS DOESN'T WORK!
      returnString = returnString.replaceAll("\u03B4", "&#x03B4;");


I'm having problems recognizing some symbols that are not Unicode.  
For example, the Greek Capital Delta is Symbol hex (0044).  Even though 
there is a Unicode to write it (as seen above), I cannot recognize
it.  With other symbols, like the Angstrom, I'm able to recognize the 
unicode.  My resulting XML shows a capital "D" instead of the Delta.
Is there anyway to recognize the symbol font?



Carmen Pancerella, PhD                           carmen@ca.sandia.gov
Advanced Software Research & Development
Sandia National Laboratories                    Phone: (617) 630-0316
P.O. Box 969, Mailstop 9152                 Voicemail: (925) 294-3538
Livermore, CA 94551-0969                          Fax: (508) 300-8815

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