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From "Joseph Favero" <...@obsidiansoln.com>
Subject Merge Fields Questions
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 20:20:39 GMT
I have gotten alot of request for doing the same thing I have been trying to
do for over a month.
I simply want to read in a Microsoft Word 97 document and then read in the
Merged Fields,
substitute data in for the merged fields and generate a new document.  I
believe this is a fairly
reusable use case, however with POI, I have yet to make it happen.  
I know there is the promise of a new release for HPWF coming, however there
is no Dates or even
documents on what this means.  If there are some MS Word gurus out there, I
would like to share 
where I am and see if we can beat up this old horse:
I have written a routine that gets a list of merged fields from the HPWF
document ... here it is:
 public String[] getMergeFields() {
  mergedFields = new Hashtable();
  PlexOfCps plc = doc.getPlexOfCps();
  for (int x = 0; x < plc.length(); x++)
   GenericPropertyNode node = plc.getProperty(x);
   FieldDescriptor fld = new FieldDescriptor(node.getBytes());
   if (fld.getFieldBoundaryType() == FieldDescriptor.FIELD_BEGIN_MARK) {
    if (fld.getFieldType() == 59) {
     String mergeField = doc.getRange().text().substring(node.getStart()+1,
     String fieldName =
Of("\\*")-2 <file://\\*> ));
     MergeField mf = new MergeField();
     mergedFields.put(fieldName, mf);
  Set set = mergedFields.keySet();
  return (String[])set.toArray(new String[0]);
This is looking at the PlecOfCps and finding the merged fields and returning
the strings that represent the field Name.
MergeField Class is where I am storing this Info
I then pass in my new data that I want to substitute for the Merged Fields.
My guess is that I need to delete the data in the TextPieces them insert the
new data,
When I do this, the new file generated is corrupted and unreadable.
 public void generate() {
  // Run the Merger Utility
  Collection c = mergedFields.values();
  Iterator iter = c.iterator();
  while (iter.hasNext()) {
   MergeField mf = (MergeField)iter.next();
   if (mf.isUpdate()) {
    System.out.println("Updating: " + mf.getFieldName() + " With: " +
    System.out.println("MF Start: " + mf.getStart());
    System.out.println("MF End: " + mf.getEnd());
    TextPieceTable tpt = doc.getTextTable();
    List tpl = tpt.getTextPieces();
    for (int i=0; i<tpl.size(); i++) {
     TextPiece tp = (TextPiece) tpl.get(i);
     System.out.println ("CP: " + tp.getCP());
     System.out.println ("Start: " + tp.getStart());
     System.out.println ("End: " + tp.getEnd());
     System.out.println ("Length: " + tp.characterLength());
     System.out.println ("SB: " + tp.substring(mf.getStart(), mf.getEnd()));
     //tp.adjustForDelete(0, 0);
     tp.adjustForDelete(mf.getStart(), (mf.getEnd()-mf.getStart()));
     // Adjust Character Positions
     CHPBinTable cpt = doc.getCharacterTable();
     //cpt.adjustForDelete(tp.getCP(), mf.getStart(),
I had to write a routine in the TextPiece to implement adjustForDelete()
Here it is
   public void adjustForDelete(int start, int length)
    _buf = new StringBuffer(substring(0,start) + substring(start+length,
I may be way off, there may be a better way of doing Merge Fields, however
if anyone can help here ... it would benefit
alot of people.  I have gotten many emails of people trying to figure out
the same thing.
Thanx Joe

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