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From Anthony Andrews <pythonadd...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: problem moving cells
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 08:37:27 GMT
Hello Paul
  I could very well be wrong but I think the problem lies in the version  of Excel that HSSF
uses to write the output file. HSSF uses, I think, a  file format that conforms to that employed
by Excel 97 - quite an old  version now - to ensure the maximum compatibility. Well, the ability
to  have more than one format or font treatment applied to the contents of  a single cell
is a more recent introduction. So, it is simply because  HSSF writes the output file in a
format that supports only a single  font/treatment for the contents of a cell that is causing
you this  problem in my opinion.
  Have to say that I have absolutly no idea how you are going to get around the porblem if
this is the case. Sorry.

Paul Rivera <paul_mrivera@yahoo.com> wrote:  Hi!  I'm having problems moving cells.
 For instance, I have a cell with the value:
  100 50
  With "100" being striked-through.   Let's say I want to move  this cell from 0 to 1.  After
calling setCellNum(), the values  will now be in cell 1.  But both 100 and 50 will now be
 striked-through.  Only 100 should be striked-through.
 I  have attached my sample java application and a sample input/output  excel file.  It is
but a fraction of the real excel file I'm  working on.  I'm using poi 3.0 on windows 2000
  Your help would be much appreciated!

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