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From Frederic Ferrant <frederic.ferr...@ing.be>
Subject Out of memory exception, and too large files generated
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 10:17:25 GMT
I have the same problem exporting smaller files, but my generated sheet 
contains many styles and many merged cells, which disables the use of csv 
The file created contains two rows per 'record', in which some cells are 
vertically merged, 2 by 2 (7 merged cells for a total of 16 columns).
The size of the generated XLS file is quite too big, and seems to rise 
 10 records ->    14 Kb
 20 records ->    28 Kb
 50 records ->   102 Kb
100 records ->   337 Kb
200 records -> 1,220 Kb
500 records -> 7,179 Kb
I get 'out of memory' when generating files for more records...

The tricky bit about it is that when I open and save the 500 records generated 
file using Excel 2003, it's size change from 7,179 Kb to 276 Kb (569 Kb if I 
save to XLS_97 format).

I can't figure out what unnecessary information is appended to the file (I 
opened it with a hex editor, it seems to contain useless bytes, but I don't 
know yet what the structure of these files is).

Does anyone have a clue, or did anyone already encounter this kind of problem?

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