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From <frederic.ferr...@ing.be>
Subject RE : Out of memory exception, and too large files generated
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 13:16:23 GMT

To be more precise, we called a method 'setVerticalMerging(...)' after
creating the two lines, in order to merge the necessary cells.
Another method, 'setHorizontalMerging(...)', did the same for horizontal
merging (eg. the title cells, etc...)

Unfortunately, the 'setVerticalMerging(...)' method only had to be
called once, after inserting all rows, because it creates the merging
regions for all rows at once. Unfortunately again, this wasn't ocumented
in the code nor in the documentation...
So, after inserting the first two rows (1, 2), we merged them (creationg
a region for (1,2), then inserted row 3 and 4, then re-merged (1,2),
then (3,4), and so on.
For large amounts of rows (eg. 1000 records), this gives 1 + 2 + 3 + ...
+ 998 + 999 + 1000 regions (5,000,500 regions where only 1000 are
But I'm not so ashamed, since i was debugging another guy's work ;o),
but this proves documentation is important...

Thank you for your advise.

-----Original Message-----

sorry, I found out where the problem was, it's in our code...

No POI problem, in fact. *gasp*

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