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From Derek Clarkson <Derek.Clark...@lonelyplanet.com.au>
Subject Fonts question and possible bug
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2005 05:51:48 GMT

Hello everyone,
	I have been working on some code to format cell fonts to a
spreadsheet module I have and I have struck something that looks odd. If I

HSSFFont font = wb.createFont();
font.setFontHeightInPoints( (short) 20);
HSSFFont font2 = wb.findFont(font.getBoldweight(), font.getColor(),
	font.getFontHeight(), font.getFontName(),
	font.getItalic(), font.getStrikeout(),
	font.getTypeOffset(), font.getUnderline());

Then the findFont() method returns a null where it should return the
original font I created (unless I'm missing something!). Looking inside the
POI code I see that the findFont method code automatically skips index 4 of
the font array. I then dumped out the fonts from a fresh spreadsheet and
found that there are 4 in total, all indentical. When I then added an
additional font as per above, the code added two font entries at index 4 and
5. Both of which have a font size of 20, but then fails to find either. 

If I then add a further font it adds (as I would have thought correctly) an
additional single entry and it correctly finds a matching font.

Is there a reason why font Index 4 is skipped and why 2 fonts are added ?
Why is my font not found by the findFont() method when I have just added it

I'm looking at the source code and wondering why is is working this way.

Derek Clarkson
Global Applications
Lonely Planet Publications
ph: (03) 8379-8000
Direct: (03) 8379-8100-8401
"It's not a bug - it's an undocumented feature!"

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