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From acoli...@apache.org
Subject Re: State of the Union for HWPF
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2005 18:38:42 GMT

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Ryan Ackley wrote:
> Andy,
> You make a lot of good points about the state of Apache HWPF in this email.
> That is why I am pleased to announce that SoftArtisans will be releasing
> WordWriter v3 shortly. It is a fully-featured Java API for reading and
> writing Microsoft Word documents. I feel like it is a better choice than
> HWPF because it is the realization of what I wanted for HWPF. It addresses
> all of your bullet points below. Including the ones about Junit tests,
> Javadoc, and Documentation ;) In addition to that, we have taken it so much
> farther in terms of features. Please check it out at
> http://officewriter.softartisans.com/officewriter-312.aspx 
> -Ryan   
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>>From: andy@superlinksoftware.com [mailto:andy@superlinksoftware.com] 
>>Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2005 12:01 PM
>>To: poi-dev@jakarta.apache.org
>>Subject: State of the Union for HWPF
>>So it looks like if I create a new document or even use one 
>>of the word office templates, I can add all the text I like 
>>and can even style it like existing text.
>>However, it looks at the moment like:
>>  * Delete is horribly broken, this needs to be fixed
>>  * You can do things with HWPF that are really structurally unsound
>>  * The usage patterns for when to create a Section, 
>>Paragraph and CharacterRun isn't very well defined
>>  * WHOA MOMMMA there are a lot of methods and constants that 
>>you can set on any given "thing"
>>  * Ryan apparently did not believe in JavaDoc, Junit (very 
>>few tests), or Documentation (which is why I continually 
>>refused to let HWPF out of scratchpad, which is why the 
>>project floundered up until now -- gee Ryan...maybe thats why 
>>its hard to use).
>>That being said:
>>  * It seems to be fairly functional even for somewhat 
>>complex documents especially in *reading*
>>  * SuperLink and its clients may put significant investment 
>>into HWPF in the near future to get it up to spec.
>>The API needs several refinements:
>>  * add "cloneProperties" methods to Paragraph and 
>>CharacterRun  - (done but not committed)
>>  * Why can't a characterRun be added to a paragraph?
>>  * Why can't a characterRun be deleted from a paragraph?
>>  * Groupings of similar properties should be broken down 
>>into compositions of objects rather than just one big Mega 
>>properties object.
>>  * Weird word structural abbreviations shouldn't be exposed 
>>to the usermodel
>>  * Unicode support.
>>  * There are a couple of people here with some good Word knowledge.. 
>>Can anyone give me some pointers on the difference between 
>>unicode text storage and non unicode text storage?
>>Glen, Avik and Rainer are scared...commit messages directly 
>>from me again ;-)
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