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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <a...@superlinksoftware.com>
Subject Re: PowerPoint Support
Date Sat, 19 Feb 2005 06:19:20 GMT
Hi!  Welcome!  We're very interested in getting that work moving forward.

Attach to bugzilla for now.  Also get a Committer License Agreement 
signed complete with a public promise that "I have not now nor ever been 
a signator or otherwise bound by a microsoft NDA or other exclusionary 
agreement for any office-file-format related stuff"  Then tell me 
privately and cc glen about if you've ever been bound by other microsoft 
agreements (So we can talk to legal people).

This may sound like an excessive amount of CYA...but when you pee in 
billg's sanka you better have a good escape plan.


Nick Burch wrote:

>On Sat, 12 Feb 2005, Avik Sengupta wrote:
>>If you stick to this, you can be pretty sure to be proposed for
>With some help from Shaheed Haque (who wrote the powerpoint filter for 
>KPresenter), I've been able to find out more about how the powerpoint file 
>format actually works. I've also been given the go-ahead by my boss to do 
>more work on the powerpoint support than is actually needed by our 
>project, so we can give something back to poi.
>So, all being well, I ought to be able to improve on the initial code 
>quite a bit. This leads to two questions:
>1) what should I do with any code updates? Attach them to new bugzilla 
>   posts / to the existing one / something else?
>2) what should I do with any documentation?
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