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From "David W. Brown" <dwbr...@webitplanet.com>
Subject getStringCellValue() dropping data
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2005 16:46:17 GMT
Hello POI/HSSF gurus, I have gotten some really good help and advice on this ML for a really
cool Java package. And, now I'm back for more. Ongoing, I have a little MVC based web app
that perfoms 4 functions. The function in question is the editing of a single HSSFrow. The
editing is done using a single small (191 lines) JSP file. The user is allowed to select a
target row to edit. Once the target row is select the data is forwarded to a JSP file that
presents a solitary screen with the selected row as a series of HTML input text boxes. This
is the point where the problems comes in: since the XLS disk file has 7 colums the target
row to be edited will be presented as a row of 7 HTML input text dialogs. The only problem
is those XLS file row data that contains strings with spaces only returns those data upto
the first space. For example if the description column has a row cell with something like:
<POI/HSSF is cool> then only the string token: POI/HSSF will be returned by the HSSFCell
method: getStringCellValue(). The HSSFCell method returns character data until it meets a
space and stops processing the string and returns with what has been processed up until the
first space charter in the Cell. The question is how to get the HSSFCell method: getStringCellValue()
to return the entire cell contents and not just those string data tokens that do not contain
a space character? All rants, raves and remedies welcomed, David.

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