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From Will Stranathan <w...@thestranathans.com>
Subject Broken Formula
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 18:29:11 GMT
The doc says to "let us know" if you get any #VALUE! issues in setting 
up a formula.  I think I have one - I thought about sending to the 
developer list, but hopefully some of the developers listen here...

The following formula:

gives a #VALUE! in F2.

B2 =16923
C2 =6039
D2 =(B2-C2)/B2
E2 =C2/B2*(10^6)  // I had to do (10^6) - 1000000 complains 'Value out 
of range. Value:"1000000" Radix:10'
F2 =IF(C2=B2,0,IF((C2=0),6,NORMSINV(1-(C2/B2))+1.5))

If I open the newly-created sheet, those cells show that value, but if 
I go through and hit F2 (edit) and just Enter in each of those types 
of fields, they get re-parsed and corrected.

Will Stranathan

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