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From PJD <pjd...@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject POIBrowser Woes and a Suggestion
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2005 21:59:44 GMT
Some time ago I tried unsuccessfully :(  to get poibrowser running on my suse 
linux box.  The problem wasn't with poibrowser but more to do with the fact 
that I am not a java programmer and I couldn't really justify more time than 
just a brief (but painful) skirmish in trying to get it all working.

However, despite a prolonged search I have not come across another app' that 
can do what poibrowser does and in that sense I would say that poibrowser is 
a pretty unique bit of software (even though I haven't seen it working).

I haven't solved the problem that I initially wanted to use poibrowser for 
(which was to discover a bit of forensic information on a Word Doc) and 
although needing to study the anatomy of an MS Office Document is not 
something that crops up often, when it does crop up there aren't really many 
choices out there.

How easy or difficult would it be for someone skilled in the art to put a 
version of poibrowser on the internet that could be accessed and run through 
a web browser.  I am thinking along the lines of , visit the poibrowser 
website, upload an MS Office File, let poibrowser unpack all the data streams 
and display the results in the web browser.

This would be a useful utility for those who may need to occassionly look into 
an MS Office File (forensic community) but would also act as a great  
technology demonstrator for the POI project.  Maybe even generate some good 
publicity too.



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