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From "Sanabria, Javier (GE Energy, Non GE)" <javier.sanab...@ps.ge.com>
Subject RE: Problem with POI
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 18:43:08 GMT
Hi Danny...

Here is the code I'm using to handle excel file. I just testing with
open/close the file.

String slPathName = AORConstants.getFolderPath()+
POIFSFileSystem objlPOIFileSys = new POIFSFileSystem(new
HSSFWorkbook objlHSSFWb = new HSSFWorkbook(objlPOIFileSys);
objlfileOut = new FileOutputStream(slPathName);
AOREmailHelper.sendMail(objaRequest, saNewIps, true);   //Sending the Mail.

also I'm sendig the file I got when I run the app on my Production
Envrionment (Solaris/WebLogic) and the one running the application on my
local environment (Windows2000/Weblogic), they are size differents. 
The file called Input Sheet v1-6.xls is the original file which i'm using.

Note: Please rename the file to .zip to open it.


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From: Danny Mui [mailto:danny@muibros.com]
Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 2:25 PM
To: POI Users List
Subject: Re: Problem with POI

just curious, how do you get a file handle to template?  can you run 
your template generation program on the sun machine to see if the 
resulting file is viewable?

try to see if it's a platform difference.  does this happen when you 
deploy a war file on a local weblogic server?

Sanabria, Javier (GE Energy, Non GE) wrote:
> Hi...
> I have the following process in a web application: My users needs to
> download some templates (excel files) from a web site. They have to select
> the project number and click on download button and my application
> get a empty template (excel file) from the server and fill it with the
> project's data and finally send it by email (using SMTP).
> I have the web application (jsp, servlets) installed local on my computer
> (Win 2000, Office 2000); it uses Weblogic 6.1 sp1 as a web application
> server. Also, I'm using POI 2.5.1. The template is a sample excel workbook
> with a simple sheet in. It does not have drop downs or other objects just
> text and color in some cells.
> The application works perfect locally, I got the files into the email and
> can open them..... But.... when I do a WAR file of my application to
> it in Production environment, I got email with attachments, but when I try
> open excel file attached I got: AN ERROR OCCURRED INITIALIZING THE VBA
> LIBRARIES (2). and I can not open the file
> The server on Production environment is SUN with Solaris as O/S Using
> weblogic 6.1 sp 1.
> Could any one of you, help me to find out why the same code works in local
> environment and the same does not work in production environment?
> 	Javier Perez Sanabria
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