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From javag...@kc.rr.com
Subject Problem with HSSF shiftRows()
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 17:58:17 GMT
I need to shift several rows in a workbook and insert a new row before the shifted rows. The
rows to be shifted contain some formulas that reference other shifted rows, therefore the
formula needs to be updated. The shift causes several warnings and the rows are not shifted:

//book is an HSSFWorkbook
HSSFRow row = book.getSheet("Sheet1");
sheet.shiftRows(11, sheet.getLastRowNum(), 1);
//out is a FileOutputStream to the xsl file.

[WARNING] Unknown Ptg 2a (42) at cell (1,35)
[WARNING] Unknown Ptg 2c (60) at cell (3,12)
[WARNING] Unknown Ptg 3c (60) at cell (3,13)

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