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From "Andrea Nenni" <Andrea.Ne...@methodpark.de>
Subject Opening HSSFSheets in MS Project - Is it a bug?
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 08:45:00 GMT
Hello everybody,

I still could not find a solution for my MS Project import problem.

Perhaps I shoud give you some more detailed information:

I create Excel sheets with POI and open them with Microsoft Project.
Each row in my sheet corresponds to a "task" in MS Project. (You can  
define special mappings to and from MS Excel in MS Project.)

Everything works fine, when the number of rows in the created Excel
file is odd. However, when the row number is even, MS Project will just
ignore the last row, i.e. one "task" is missing. There seems to be some
difference in the file ending between HSSFSheets with odd and even row 
numbers. Im still not sure, if this is a bug or just part of Microsoft's 
definition of the MS Excel format.

Next, I tried to cheat MS Project, by using an additional empty row at 
the end of the sheet. Consequentially, MS Project shows an empty "task"
at the bottom.

What I found somehow amazing: When I remove the additional row immediately
after adding it in POI, MS Project still shows the additional "task".

Has anybody an idea how to work around this problem?
Please help me.


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