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From Alex Moots <alex....@utoronto.ca>
Subject DateFormat "m/d" does not work
Date Mon, 29 Dec 2003 15:28:19 GMT

I'm trying to use POI to format some date values in a spreadsheet.  I 
need to get the date format in just month/day format (without the 
year).  I've been trying to do that with the following code:

   HSSFCellStyle normalStyle = project.WorkBook.createCellStyle();
   HSSFFont normal = project.WorkBook.createFont();

Whenever I use the given code I don't get the expected results in the 
created spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet just shows a number, which varies 
depending on the specified date, but is always incorrect and NOT 
formatted as a date.  If I use the commented line of code then things 
work properly, but it messes up the on-screen formatting of my 
spreadsheet as the column widths don't fit the year specification.
I'd appreciate it if someone could help out with this issue.  I can 
provide some screenshots or other details if necessary.

Thanks for your help.

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