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From Morten <li...@kikobu.com>
Subject Re: Platform dependent encoding (problems running on linux)
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 14:22:39 GMT
Ryan Ackley wrote:

> Not only different, but also different lengths. To me, that points to
> different files or some type of corruption when you transferred the files.

Upload files are identical. Both applications are web-app's that run in
Tomcat 4.1.27 with identical setups.

> I don't think its an encoding problem. The bytes are actually different. If
> you use the same encoding on two different platforms with the same bytes and
> you don't get the same results that would be a bug in Java not POI. You see,
> Java was invented to prevent that problem

The application works like this: A user uploads a zip file containing 
excel documents. The application uncompresses the zip file, and then 
extracts data from the excel documents using POI and inserts it into a

If I look at the uncompressed excel files on the Linux machine, they are
fine. So in my eyes, POI 1.5.1 relies on some encoding setting that may
not be present, and decodes the excel binary data depending on that.

I know that Java was meant to be cross-platform, but data is still
subject to encoding by I/O and developer manipulation.



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