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From Morten <li...@kikobu.com>
Subject Re: Platform dependent encoding (problems running on linux)
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 14:12:13 GMT
Avik Sengupta wrote:

> Hi, 
> First up, which version are you using? SSTRecord and associated have
> changed quite a bit over the last few versions, particularly with
> respect to double byte char handling. 

Ok, I'll try 2.0 RC1, was using 1.5.1.

> Also, check the default encoding in your platform/shell. That sometimes
> messes up stuff (it shouldnt, this is only a workaround to a bug..). in
> RedHat 8 for eg, default encoding is UTF-8. Change it to ISO8859-1 (LANG
> env), and see if it helps. Check what is the encoding in windows (i dont
> know how .... I think there is a java system property that can tell
> you)....

file.encoding, on Linux (RedHat 8) it's UTF-8 and on windows it's 
Cp1252. Iso-8859-1 is not good enough though, I need to be able to
work with arabic also.

> In summary, I suspect that your problem may be solved by upgrading, or,
> as a workaround, by setting the proper default encoding. 

I'll try upgrading for now and get back with an update - thanks for the
tips :)



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