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From "Konstantin Paradizov" <java_dev...@hotmail.com>
Subject Cell Type Problem with Excel 2002
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2003 15:49:00 GMT

I have been using POI / HSSF for a while now. With the deployment of Office 
XP at many of hour sites I have noticed that I started having problems with 
my web application that uses POI.

The spreadsheet that users upload to the server contains a text column, 
which is loaded to Oracle as VARCHAR2. This column has a designated item 
code, which can contain standard alphabet letters and digits. The problem is 
that when it's all digits Excel treats it somehow differently. It comes up 
with an error message saying "Number stored as text".
In POI I would expect getCellType to return STRING rather than NUMERIC 
because that's how the cell is formatted. Instead I get a numeric cell value 
and all of a sudden ".0" is added at the end when I convert it to a string. 
Here is the example:

12345 formatted as text gets interpreted as 12345.0 in POI. I understand 
that according to the description of the HSSFCell model in JavaDocs the 
client app is supposed to do the conversion by itself. But how do I know if 
what I am looking at was "12345" or "12345.0" in the original spreadsheet?
I can't risk making those assumptions myself.

Does anybody know a workaround? What do I do if no matter what, I always 
have to read string value of a cell in a certain column?

Any answers will be greatly appreciated.

Konstantin Paradizov

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