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From Umaa Rebbapragada <Umaa.Rebbaprag...@cnet.com>
Subject copying a sheet from one workbook to another
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2003 21:09:19 GMT
Hi there,

I've been using the 1.10-dev release for an application I'm writing.  Have looked through
the message archive and doesn't look like my question has been addressed before.

I have a new to create a workbook C which is a synthesis of workbooks A and B.  The only way
I can see to do this now is to create a new HSSFWorkbook C which is a duplicate of A.  Then
create new worksheets in C and iterate through B, copy over the cell values and styles from
B into C on a cell by cell basis.

Just wondering if I overlooked a simpler way to accomplish this?  Or I'm stuck iterating through
cells and copy over values/styles?

The reason I'm looking for a different way is that HSSF can read things like hyperlinks, but
can't write them out specifically.  However, I've had no problems with HSSF reading and writing
workbooks with hyperlinks when I didn't specifically touch the cells.  I was hoping something
approximating a copySheet function would provide the same benefit.

Thanks much,

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