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From "Bates, Alex" <AB210...@teradata-ncr.com>
Subject OWC as viewer, POI as generator
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 16:44:09 GMT
Hi All,

As we all know, when viewing XLS content in the browser, the developer has
no control over whether the XLS is launched in a new window, and whether the
user is prompted.  This is because these are desktop settings controlled via
the folder options -> file types -> xls -> advanced tab in Windows Explorer.

The nice thing about Microsoft's OWC browser control is it works around this
issue.  Usign OWC, it overrides this setting and forces the XLS to be
displayed in the browser.  But even better, it has a button "Export to
Excel" that will actually lauch MS Excel with the contents of the XLS.
Without this option, the user would have to copy the contents of the XLS
frame and paste into Excel, not good.

What I want to do is take advantage of POI's excellent XLS generation
capabilities, and OWC's usability features.  POI is capable of pointing to a
file data source (instead of ODBC).  So what I want to do is point to a URL
data source, which is the POI servlet that generates the XLS.

	Q: how to set the OWC DataSource to point to the url of the POI
servlet that generates the XLS?

So, I have a JSP page that has an <OBJECT....> with the embedded OWC object.
One of the properties of this object is the connection string.  I've found
documentation on how to point to a file data source, using 

Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=<filename>;Extended
Properties=Excel 10.0;'

I've tried setting <filename> to the url of the servlet, but it doesn't seem
to work.

Any one else out there tried this?


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