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From "Mehner, Björn" <Bjoern.Meh...@epos-cs.de>
Subject AW: Hide Worksheet?
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2003 14:27:00 GMT

> Since nobody has answered the questions I posted, should I assume that
> POI doesn't support Hiding worksheet functionality as well as 
> returning
> the name of excel workbook from "HSSFWorkbook" object?  

I do not understand the intentions of your questions. But here is my


1.) You can remove sheets in poi. I never heard of hiding and I do not
know of any functions in the api that might be able to hide a sheet. You
can hide sheets in Excel but maybe this is just a presentation thing and
has nothing to do with the file format?

2.) Sheets have names. I never heard of workbooks having names. Do you
mean the filename? There is no direct connection with a file in the
workbook. Outputstreams and InputStreams are used for writing and
reading. So you have to manage this yourself. The workbook does not know
where it was read from or where it is written to. This provides more
flexibility. This way you can use poi in a webserver environment, too.

Bye Bodo

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