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From Clifton.Cr...@rrd.com
Subject Re: basic questions
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2003 12:24:16 GMT


It is, perhaps, more "safe" to use the recent version than it is to use
1.5. While the release versions are said to be more stable in open source
projects there are never without bugs/short-comings. Each release come out
with various bug fixes. The best way to ensure support is to use one of the
later versions. You know how it is with software you wrote years ago and
someone approaches you with a problem. The first instinct is, "well I fixed
that bug a year ago in the later version. Can't you just upgrade?" Now I
wouldn't suggest using the nightly builds unless you really wanted bleeding
edge. But the dev builds are pretty solid from my experience. I've been
using 1.8 for some time and have been hesitant to upgrade only because lack
of support for JDK 1.2 (which actually went away with 1.5.1 or earlier).
Our midrange is stuck on JDK1.2 temporarily until I can convince the sys
admin to install the patch for 1.3+. Version 1.8 has been running solid for
some time and I don't want to up it to 1.10 until we upgrade the JDK.
However I did notice that some method signatures changed between 1.5 and
1.8. Something like createRow() or createCell() takes an int instead of a
short. This caused me to modify my client source doing a global
find/replace. Not pretty. Its good I got that earlier before my program
grew too complex. What I'm saying is that if you stay on version 1.5 and do
some serious development you may paint yourself into a corner. As far as
which files to put into your classpath, the jakarta-poi-x.xx.x-dev-date.jar
file is all you need. The examples file includes example uses of the
product and the contrib is where others contribute there utilities that are
relevant to the product. I don't remember what scratchpad is all about


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Perhaps someone can help me with some basic questions.
I have used 1.5 release before, but now I want to use a more
recent version to get the latest features.
1. Is it "safe" to use 1.10 ?  Is this what I should  use?
2. I'm not sure what build I should use, and where to get it
     from.  I did download jakarta-poi-1.10.0-dev-bin.zip
     and extracted the files. I see in the build directory these
      jar files, and I'm not sure what they are for, and whether
      I need to put any of them in my classpath:
  I did put jakarta-poi-1.10.0-dev-020030222.jar in my
THANKS MUCH for any help here,

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