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From "John Lloyd" <llo...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Fw: euro currency format/DBCS currency symbols
Date Tue, 20 May 2003 12:06:14 GMT
Hello All,
      I am trying to create data format strings for various currencies. I
take these strings and pass them to HSSFCellStyle.setDataFormat().  I found
that currencies like Yen will work with the data format string:

"[$\u00a5]\\ #,##0.00".

However, if I replace the 00a5 (the unicode value for the Yen symbol) with
20ac (the unicode value for the Euro symbol) then I don't get the Euro
symbol, but the "not" symbol (sideways L). I have a feeling this is because
the Euro symbol is a double byte character and the Yen symbol is not. The
Colon symbol used in Costa Rica and El Salvador behaves similarly to the
Euro if 00a5 is replaced with 20a1.

Does anyone know how to create currency formats with double bytes
characters or whether this is a limitation of HSSF?


Email  * lloydj@us.ibm.com
Phone  * 919-254-8021
Snail  * MZDA/062, IBM Corp., P.O. Box 12195, RTP, NC 27709-2195

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