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From Brett Knights <knig...@tanner.com>
Subject RE: HSSFCell Refactoring to use State for cell type
Date Wed, 14 May 2003 20:11:11 GMT

> For 
> a little example you asked:
> >Do you have examples of string specific operations you'd 
> like to perform?
> I don't, at least outside of the String class I don't.  Same 
> is true for 
> the Date and Integer cell types. 
But if you have any type specific extensions you'd like to see it makes
sense to be able to put the type specific code in one place and develop an
API to get to the type specific stuff when you need it. 

> Which is one of the 
> problems that I have 
> with splitting HSSFCell into different classes.  It seems to 
> me that they 
> are all semantically identical classes with the exception of the 
> HSSFFormulaCell which might have a feature rich 
> implementation.  
Right. Which is why I proposed a State based refactoring. Type is currently
an internal matter and shouldn't make any difference to the client but it
does. Particularly if you just want to get a string representation of the
cell value for display or testing the current situation is a pain. I had
also considered that this might be of some benefit for HSSFFormulaCell as
well but I am currently completely ignorant of the developers' plans for
formula implementation.

> An interesting thing to note is that this conversation could 
> be mute with 
> the inception of generics in Java 1.5.
I don't really see how. Would you mind expanding on that? 

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