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From Danny Mui <da...@muibros.com>
Subject Re: Detecting merged cells...
Date Wed, 07 May 2003 19:58:40 GMT
The latest packaged release is located here: 
Check out the >1.10< releases, stay tuned for 2.0pre!

Or you can use CVS to retrieve the latest and greatest.

with the module being jakarta-poi

Contains a few get methods for merged regions.  this corresponds to the 
latest and greatest (HEAD) but the 1.10.x releases should have this 
functionality too.

Rodrigo Reyes wrote:

>    We have been using POI on a commercial project here, but we have had
>some problems. First, the dowload area has not been updated, so the best jar
>we could get was jakarta-poi-1.8.0-dev-20020919.jar. Where can we get a more
>recent jar?
>    Now, is there anyway to know if a cell is merged? I couldn't find a
>method neither on HSSFCell nor or HSSFSheet. I need this because I have been
>trying to implement an insertRow method, and I have problems moving merged
>    Thanx in advance for your help...
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