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From "H@rry" <apache...@SoftHome.net>
Subject Strange Error when Formula Cell are created in a specify way
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 02:32:39 GMT

I have encountered a very strange behaviour here.

I have created a Excel Template thru MS-Excel
In this Excel File I have a cell with simple formula (=1+A1)
Then I did a Drag-And-Drop Copy of this formula cell across the row.

After creating the file, I use POI to open it and write to another
file(without any modification)
the resultant file...is fine if I have only copied 5 cells in the row.
Once I copied more than 5, I will get =#REF! for all the copied formula

I tested it with POI-DEV-1.8.0 and POI-DEV-1.10 and both give the same
Anyone have any idea on this????

"I know that the world is always unfair.
 But I don't understand why it is never  unfair to my advantage."


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