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From Glen Stampoultzis <gst...@iinet.net.au>
Subject RE: Build in disrepair Re: Where are the convenience functions fo
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2003 14:26:06 GMT

Will do.

First step is to make sure centipede can handle everything (since it's a 
beta there's still a few wrinkles).  I want the build to be as idiot proof 
as possible so at the moment I'm trying to get across centipede as best I 
can.  If it proves a problem for centipede then the next options will be 
wither plain old ant or maven.



At 12:46 AM 18/03/2003, you wrote:
>I would love to see a new simpler build.  I have a couple unit tests for the
>convenience functions that I originally supplied.  However, I could never
>figure out centipede well enough to get them to compile and execute as part
>of the contrib directory tree.
>Glen, if you can make sure that unit tests for contrib code execute in your
>"new" centipede build, then I will update them to match b10 and submit them.
>Eric Pugh

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