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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <acoli...@apache.org>
Subject Re: sheet names and string format read garbled on EBCDIC machine
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2003 18:05:53 GMT
Elvira_Gurevich@iwaysoftware.com wrote:

>On  3/7/03, I submitted a bug#17791.
>To that bug report, I attached the relevant excel files and BiffViewer
>We re-ran the test with jakarta-poi-1.11.0-dev-20030317.jar, with no changes
>in results.
>We can provide an EBCDIC system for your testing, if that's the reason for
>the problem to have been neglected so far. 
That would help if you're willing to set up an automated process to run 
our unit tests and send back info to our mailing list.  I've asked for 
this for awhile and I've only heard murmurs of volunteers and no 
takers.  We could really use automated testing on systems other than 
Windows and Linux.  I know a number of people who use POI on solaris 
without trouble but I've heared murmurs about problems on various 
Mainframes and minis.

>I really need this resolved.
The best way to get things done urgently and for "free" is to provide 
patches which resolve the issue.   Since the project is run on a 
volunteer basis, things get fixed "when we have time". 

Currently, when not treking around the country, I myself have been 
working on a number of client-funded POI projects and haven't had time 
to work on much else. 



>Thank you.
>Elvira Gurevich
>iWay Software
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