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From "nicolas kakaridis" <gr_n...@hotmail.com>
Subject Help on the behavior of HSSFSheet.removeRow and how to insert a row
Date Mon, 24 Feb 2003 12:07:35 GMT
  I have two question and I hope you'll have time to answer me...
  I am using POI 1.9.0

  I want to know if the behavior HSSFSheet.removeRow is "normal"

  Supposing I have a filled HSSFWorkbook...

  If I call
  HSSFSheet currentSheet.removeRow(0);
  This row is not removed but cleared from previous HSSFCells contained in 
that row.

  If it is "normal" it could be better to explain it on the javadoc, because 
I am expecting that the row at index 1 becomes row at index 0.


  Is there a manner to insert an HSSFRow between existing rows on a
HSSFSheet :

  I have a row at index 0 and 1.
  Then I want to insert a row at index 1. The expeted result would be :
    - A row at index 0
    - A row at index 1 (the row inserted)
    - A row at index 2 (previously at index 1)

Thank you for your respons,


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