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From Eric Hsiung <Er...@BodyMedia.Com>
Subject RE: Reading XLS via ODBC - SQLException
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 18:13:08 GMT
> I'm sorry Eric, I just created an Excel '97 spreadsheet and 
> it still had 
> this error.
> I used the 5/4/2001 drivers so maybe they have a newer version to 
> correct this but in the meantime you have a workaround.
> danny

Sorry, I don't understand. You created the spreadsheet using
Excel or Poi?

My ODBC Excel driver is from 7/22/2002 but I don't think
it is an ODBC issue. Well, not directly. There is something
about the Poi-generated XLS file that is tripping up ODBC.
If I load the Poi-generated file directly into Excel and save
it, then my test program works fine.


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