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From Eric Hsiung <Er...@BodyMedia.Com>
Subject RE: Reading XLS via ODBC - SQLException
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 17:14:24 GMT
> Have you tried using numerical indices instead of column 
> names?  Other 
> than that, never had to do anything this way :)

By index, I get an "Invalid descriptor index" error.
It seems that the number of fields is off by one.
For example, I can run the following queries:
  select * from [Data$]
  select Column0 from [Data$]
  select Column0, Column1 from [Data$]
  select Column0, Column8 from [Data$]
But this one fails:
  select Column0, Column1, Column9 from [Data$]
with a "Too few parameters. Expected 1" error.
(Remember, the columns are numbered 0 through 9).
Interestingly, I get the same error when I run
  select Column0, Column1, random_text_here from [Data$]

> If you dont mind me asking, what requirement has you doing this?  Are 
> you using the Excel spreadsheet as a pseudo-database so others can 
> generate reports?

Not under my control. I work on an app that can export data
to Excel format. One of our customers is then trying to access
the Excel data via ODBC. Not sure why they do it this way.


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