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From Danny Mui <da...@muibros.com>
Subject Re: Reading XLS via ODBC - SQLException
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2003 18:00:38 GMT
I'm sorry Eric, I just created an Excel '97 spreadsheet and it still had 
this error.

I used the 5/4/2001 drivers so maybe they have a newer version to 
correct this but in the meantime you have a workaround.


Eric Hsiung wrote:

>>Have you tried using numerical indices instead of column 
>>names?  Other 
>>than that, never had to do anything this way :)
>By index, I get an "Invalid descriptor index" error.
>It seems that the number of fields is off by one.
>For example, I can run the following queries:
>  select * from [Data$]
>  select Column0 from [Data$]
>  select Column0, Column1 from [Data$]
>  select Column0, Column8 from [Data$]
>But this one fails:
>  select Column0, Column1, Column9 from [Data$]
>with a "Too few parameters. Expected 1" error.
>(Remember, the columns are numbered 0 through 9).
>Interestingly, I get the same error when I run
>  select Column0, Column1, random_text_here from [Data$]
>>If you dont mind me asking, what requirement has you doing this?  Are 
>>you using the Excel spreadsheet as a pseudo-database so others can 
>>generate reports?
>Not under my control. I work on an app that can export data
>to Excel format. One of our customers is then trying to access
>the Excel data via ODBC. Not sure why they do it this way.
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