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From Qgh Rohgy <questan...@yahoo.com>
Subject Question about Emailing Excel file(.xls) from browser
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 23:15:48 GMT

Kindly Let me know if this is feasible :-

I am displaying data from a Database table on the
browser in an excel format.
i.e by setting

Once the User is OK with the data he has got, he wants
the same to be emailed to him in an excel sheet format
(i.e xls file).

My Question :-

Is it possible for me to get the excel file .xls from
the data displayed on the browser(which is also in
excel format).??

I know that if I set the 
I can give user the option to save or open the excel

I do not want the user to save the file directly. The
file needs to be emailed to him along with some other

Hence, again, my question is - is it possible to write
to an excel file directly from the browser excel
How could this be done?

Thanks much,

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