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From "Steve" <step...@Basit.COM>
Subject advice needed: use of excel templates
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2003 17:43:10 GMT
I am seeking some general guidelines/advice or references to articles
on how to programmatically (using the Java apache.poi.hssf ) create
new xls reports, starting from a template.
I know the basic concept:
- have a template xls file that is saved previously
- programmatically read the template
- programmatically add/change data in the template
- programmatically write the revisions to a new file.

However, how does one "find"/"identify" the particular cells that
one wants to modify. Do you put special tag values in those cells
and then search for those values, before replacing the value.

Bascially, what are the techniques/tricks to be used in this process?


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