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From Ek Darshak <ekdars...@yahoo.com>
Subject XLS file with Chart and VBA code: Update to XLS does not work with jakarta-poi-1.8.0-dev-20020919.jar
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 18:56:33 GMT
(Please see the attached code and XLS template)
I have this Excel 2000 template spreadsheet that
contains charts and a button associated with VBA
script. Upon clicking on this button, one can create a
simple Powerpoint presentation.

I need to modify this template data from the database
by using POI (and serve the resultant spreadsheet on
the web). The idea is to allow users to create reports
in power point and Excel formats.

I used jakarta-poi-1.5.1-final-20020615.jar for
updating an Excel template that DOES NOT have any
button and VBA code and it works fine. As soon as I
put a button and VBA code, it stops working and excel
closes after giving this error message : [Unable to
read file]

This is on expected lines as 1.5.1 did not have VBA
code implemented as yet.

However, when I do the same with 
jakarta-poi-1.8.0-dev-20020919.jar or
jakarta-poi-1.9.0-dev-20021128.jar, neither excel with
VBA nor one without VBA works. In both the cases,
empty excel application (without any open file) opens.
The size of the output file is non-zero. A plain excel
with only data (and no charts etc) works fine with
these jars.

Is there anything wrong in my program or I am not
using correct versions of jars?

I will deeply appreciate any pointers.
Thank you.

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