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From bugzi...@apache.org
Subject [Bug 58818] Cell comment not readed(return null)
Date Sun, 31 Jan 2016 11:12:49 GMT

Javen O'Neal <onealj@apache.org> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Status|NEW                         |NEEDINFO

--- Comment #1 from Javen O'Neal <onealj@apache.org> ---
I tried the following using POI 3.14 beta 1

InputStream fis = FileInputStream("bug58818.xls");
Workbook wb = HSSFWorkbook(fis);
Sheet sh = wb.getSheetAt(0);
sh.getCellComments() -> returns empty Map
sh.getRow(0).getCell(0).getCellComment(); -> returns null
sh.getCellComment(0, 0); -> returns null

Opening the file in Excel 2013, I found a comment in cell A1 with the text
`jx:area(lastCell = "C25")\n`. I was able to reproduce your problem and this is
a valid bug.

The problem is that the comment doesn't have a position
(HSSFComment.hasPosition returns false).

I modified HSSFSheet.findCellCommentLocations to print
comment.getString().getString() on each HSSFComment it finds in the drawing
patriarch, and then POI found the cell comment. Disabling the check for
hasPosition() will throw a NPE at comment.getRow() or comment.getColumn().

private void findCellCommentLocations(HSSFShapeContainer container,
Map<CellAddress, HSSFComment> locations) {
     for (Object object : container.getChildren()) {
         HSSFShape shape = (HSSFShape) object;
         if (shape instanceof HSSFComment) {
             // recursively search down the drawing patriarch tree
             findCellCommentLocations((HSSFShapeGroup) shape, locations);
         if (shape instanceof HSSFComment) {
             HSSFComment comment = (HSSFComment) shape;
+            System.out.println(comment.getString().getString());
             if (comment.hasPosition()) {
                 locations.put(new CellAddress(comment.getRow(),
comment.getColumn()), comment);
+            else {
+                // found unanchored comment. How should this be handled?
+                // does comment contain any information that might be relevant
+                locations.put(CellAddress.A1, comment);
+            }

HSSFComment.hasPosition() is false here because the HSSFComment object (created
with the constructor HSSFComment(EscherContainerRecord, ObjectRecord,
TextObjectRecord, NoteRecord)) sets NoteRecord as null. hasPosition and
getRow/getColumn rely on this NoteRecord to identify the location.

There are two likely explanations here:
* data for creating a NoteRecord exists, but the NoteRecord object is not
passed to the constructor of HSSFComment
* the Excel file does not have a NoteRecord for some cell comments. When this
is the case, Excel uses A1 as the default, implied location of the comment. For
behavior parity, POI would need to default cell comments to A1 if no position
is specified.

HSSFComment(EscherContainerRecord spContainer, ObjRecord objRecord,
TextObjectRecord textObjectRecord, NoteRecord _note) 

EscherContainerRecord spContainer
org.apache.poi.ddf.EscherContainerRecord (SpContainer):
  isContainer: true
  version: 0x000F
  instance: 0x0000
  recordId: 0xF004
  numchildren: 5
   Child 0:
      RecordId: 0xF00A
      Version: 0x0002
      ShapeType: 0x00CA
      ShapeId: 1027
      Flags: HAVEANCHOR|HASSHAPETYPE (0x00000A00)

   Child 1:
      isContainer: false
      version: 0x0003
      instance: 0x000E
      recordId: 0xF00B
      numchildren: 0
        propNum: 128, RAW: 0x0080, propName: text.textid, complex: false,
blipId: false, value: 62207824 (0x03B53750)
        propNum: 133, RAW: 0x0085, propName: text.wraptext, complex: false,
blipId: false, value: 1 (0x00000001)
        propNum: 139, RAW: 0x008B, propName: text.bidir, complex: false,
blipId: false, value: 2 (0x00000002)
        propNum: 191, RAW: 0x00BF, propName: text.sizetexttofitshape, complex:
false, blipId: false, value: 655368 (0x000A0008)
        propNum: 344, RAW: 0x0158, propName: unknown, complex: false, blipId:
false, value: 0 (0x00000000)
        propNum: 385, RAW: 0x0181, propName: fill.fillcolor, complex: false,
blipId: false, value: 14811135 (0x00E1FFFF)
        propNum: 387, RAW: 0x0183, propName: fill.fillbackcolor, complex:
false, blipId: false, value: 14811135 (0x00E1FFFF)
        propNum: 389, RAW: 0x0185, propName: fill.crmod, complex: false,
blipId: false, value: 268435700 (0x100000F4)
        propNum: 447, RAW: 0x01BF, propName: fill.nofillhittest, complex:
false, blipId: false, value: 1048592 (0x00100010)
        propNum: 451, RAW: 0x01C3, propName: linestyle.crmod, complex: false,
blipId: false, value: 268435700 (0x100000F4)
        propNum: 513, RAW: 0x0201, propName: shadowstyle.color, complex: false,
blipId: false, value: 0 (0x00000000)
        propNum: 515, RAW: 0x0203, propName: shadowstyle.crmod, complex: false,
blipId: false, value: 268435700 (0x100000F4)
        propNum: 575, RAW: 0x023F, propName: shadowstyle.shadowobscured,
complex: false, blipId: false, value: 196611 (0x00030003)
        propNum: 959, RAW: 0x03BF, propName: groupshape.print, complex: false,
blipId: false, value: 131072 (0x00020000)

   Child 2:
      RecordId: 0xF010
      Version: 0x0000
      Instance: 0x0000
      Flag: 3
      Col1: 1
      DX1: 169
      Row1: 0
      DY1: 30
      Col2: 2
      DX2: 832
      Row2: 4
      DY2: 196
      Extra Data:
    No Data

   Child 3:
      RecordId: 0xF011
      Version: 0x0000
      Instance: 0x0000
      Extra Data:
    No Data

   Child 4:
      isContainer: false
      version: 0x0000
      instance: 0x0000
      recordId: 0xF00D
      numchildren: 0

    .objectType           = 0x0019 (25 )
    .objectId             = 0x00000003 (3 )
    .option               = 0x4011 (16401 )
         .locked                   = true
         .printable                = true
         .autofill                 = false
         .autoline                 = true
    .reserved1            = 0x03B53750 (62207824 )
    .reserved2            = 0x032FCC60 (53464160 )
    .reserved3            = 0x00000000 (0 )
  size     = 22
  reserved = [41, 68, 11, C0, EC, 21, 65, 46, 86, B6, E6, 6B, EF, 8E, 10, 2B,
00, 00, 10, 00, 00, 00]
[/ftNts ]

    .options        = 0x0212
         .isHorizontal = 1
         .isVertical   = 1
         .textLocked   = true
    .textOrientation= 0x0000
    .reserved4      = 0x0000
    .reserved5      = 0x0000
    .reserved6      = 0x0000
    .textLength     = 0x001A
    .reserved7      = 0x00000000
    .string = jx:area(lastCell = "C25")

    .textrun = 6
    .textrun = 24


This is the stack trace that identifies how the HSSFComment was created:
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
        at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:606)

In HSSFShapeFactory.java line 108:
The _note argument to the HSSFComment constructor is null, which equals
agg.getNoteRecordByObj(objRecord)). Either getNoteRecordByObj is misbehaving or
there are duplicates in the `for (EscherRecord record :
container.getChildRecords())` that are screwing up the lookup.

Savchenko, do you have any files where POI doesn't recognized a cell comment
NOT located at A1?

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